So, you want to make passive income, risk free by supplying some or heck, even all of your wallet’s equity?

You’ve heard something about ‘Yield farming’ but don’t know how to get your money where your mouth is? Well we’re here to help you!

Let’s face it. All that hard earned crypto you’ve got in your bags is not doing anything but sit there. What if you can have it working for you without the risk of losing it all?

Let’s guide you through how you can make a passive income through farming $BanCORE

We highly reccommend the use of Metamask Wallet with its nifty browser plugin and easy access to your tokens.

Where to start

Well at of course

Select the pool you wish to join

For the sake of this guide, we’ll stick to our BAN-ETH pair highlighted below.

After you’ve selected the BAN-ETH pair, it will take you to its own staking pool from which you would need to select ‘Buy LP’.

Remember: In order to participate in a pool, you must hold both tokens in your wallet in order to ‘pair’ and ‘supply’ them.

Buy LP


Now you will be redirected to the uniswap site where you will be able to provide your liquidity. Here (as an example) we want to supply 10 BAN which would mean we also supply 0.0686629 ETH (50/50 split worth on both tokens).

Now we select ‘Supply’ and finish the transaction.


The only things left to do is go back to the Approve page and hit ‘Approve’. The status of your LP tokens will change from ‘NOT APPROVED’ to ‘APPROVED’.


After this is done go to ‘Stake’. Here you ‘put in’ your tokens received via your LP purchase and they will start to work for you and generate passive income straight away.


On the ‘Claim’ page you can keep track of how much you’ve accumulated over time. Don’t forget to check back in every so often to see your wealth increase while you eat Flamin hot Cheetos.


If for some reason you would wish to Withdraw, you can do so whenever you wish via the ‘Withdraw’ section. There you will get your LP staked tokens back + your accumulated BAN tokens with it.

Thanks for joining our exciting token and if you do have questions, our Telegram and Twitter are listed below.


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